Document Management System Reinvented

Transforming Businesses Towards a Paperless World
With the Document management system solution, you can easily collaborate in managing scanned documents, making it more efficient. You have the ability to share, send, group and archive documents easily. Additionally, you can also quickly create business documents such as vendor bills, tasks, and product sheets for manufacturing purposes.

Optimize Your Workflow

Take advantage of a fully integrated approval, control and validation process with complete capabilities, including activities, communications and action rules designed to ensure that all work is completed by the appropriate parties in a timely manner.

Utilizing Email as a Gateway

With the email gateway feature, invoices are automatically generated from scanned documents or from emails received from your vendors, saving time and effort.

Efficient Collaboration with Your Team and Clients

You can easily share documents with your colleagues, customers or vendors. Furthermore, public files and folders can be shared with your clients to allow them to import documents directly.

Electronic Signature with DMS

You no longer need to waste time printing and scanning documents that require the other party’s signature. Instead, you can easily send documents that need to be signed electronically to the parties concerned and receive the signed documents.

Document Processing in Groups

You can manage large amounts of documents with sending features for approval, folder changes, tagging, and batch assignment, enabling work efficiency.

Full Integration with DMS Applications

Documents can be integrated with various other DMS applications, including tracking worksheets and plan versions with PLM, creating vendor invoices in one click with the help of artificial intelligence in Accounting, or creating tasks from specific documents.

See how much time you can save

Achieve more in less time

With Docs, you have instant access to everything you need. You can easily keep an eye on all your files without worrying about losing them, because everything is organized and stored in one safe and secure place.